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Rachel Chapman

My Approach

My approach is collaborative and tailored specifically to you.

I appreciate that common issues, such as anxiety or depression, show up and impact individuals' lives in varied and highly personal ways. I am interested in understanding how you experience yourself and others and how your history has helped shape you, brought you to this moment and continues to influence you. 

I provide a safe, open and non-shaming environment in which you can take risks and explore different ways of thinking, feeling and being. My aim is to help you gain clarity about the underlying causes of your problems, provide strategies to help you cope day-to-day and empower you to trust your inner voice and live each day authentically.


About me

I'm a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist offering both in person and virtual sessions in Los Angeles and California.  I love what I do and I am passionate about helping people live the life they want.  I bring my values of honesty, kindness and respect to my practice through a direct and challenging approach while maintaining compassion, warmth and sometimes humor. 


Approach Home



I see individuals one-on-one for a wide range of presenting issues. From inspiring change, to creating greater self awareness to improving quality of life and relationships. 



I work with and am affirming of all configurations and structures of couples who are struggling to resolve conflicts, communicate effectively, feel heard, and achieve greater intimacy with their partner(s). 


"Other Relationships"

I help all definitions of relationships who are struggling to relate, communicate and understand one another.  From business partners/colleagues to siblings to adult child and parents, I also help non romantic forms of "couples" navigate conflict, negotiation and repair. 

Therapy Sessions

Getting Help

People seek help when something in their life isn't working. Some are searching for a way to put an end to their emotional pain. Others want to feel like themselves again, find what's missing from their life, or to stop patterns of behavior that feel out of their control. They've usually tried everything they could think of to do on their own, perhaps even used strategies that have worked in the past. But they're still feeling stuck. 

Below are some common struggles that therapy can help you address. 



Depression & Stress


Unsatisfying Relationships


Overwhelming Emotions 


Difficulty Making Decisions


Addictive or Compulsive Behavior


Lack of Motivation or Follow Through


Difficulty Communicating

Forgive yourself for not knowing what you didn't know before you learned it.

Maya Angelou

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